Is Your Dog Like the One from the Movie Up? (SQUIRREL!)


We all got a kick out of the “talking” dog in the Pixar movie, Up. He’d be doing one thing and suddenly…


…he’d be distracted and totally focused on the potential squirrel.

If this sounds a bit like your dog, we have a class that is perfect for you. Formerly known as “Control & Focus,” the class is now entitled Distracted Dog Class.

If your dog:

  • is great in class or at home but terrible on walks,
  • becomes selectively deaf if there’s a squirrel / deer / dog / cat / child nearby,
  • pulls you every which way on leash because they’re SO EXCITED,
  • or just has issues relaxing and focusing, this is the class for you!

The goal of this class is to help your dog control his normal doggy impulses and pay more attention to you, even in a stimulating environment. You’ll learn to work as a team, so that your training can be more successful and your dog sports, walks, and public outings can be more fun.

This is a group class, but dogs will work individually and together with another dog or dogs as they progress. Dogs whose arousal level goes over the top may work in crates part of the time to get appropriate behavior started. We’ll use only non-aversive, positive training techniques.

Learn more about SQUIRREL! class and register here.

If your dog barks & lunges at other dogs (or at strangers), you will want to enroll in our Reactive Dog Classes (in-person and online) before you enroll in Distracted Dog Class.