Obedience Skills for Competition

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About this Class:

This is an advanced class for students preparing to enter competitive obedience. The skills taught will draw from all three levels of competitive obedience – Novice, Open and Utility — plus Rally Obedience. The class will run continuously. Students sign up for eight weeks of classes but will have 12 weeks to complete them. New students can join, with the instructor’s permission, whenever a spot is open. You can reach the instructor at 301-229-2302 or comewhencalled@verizon.net. Prerequisite: Dogs should be at least one year old and able to perform the following foundation behaviors on verbal cue or hand signal: sit, down, stand, recall with front sit, walking on a loose leash, a 30-second sit stay and a 60-second down stay in the presence of other dogs with the handler at a distance of 10 feet. Dogs should not be reactive to people or other dogs.

The Sport: Competitive Obedience tests a dog‘s ability to perform a prescribed set of exercises, which are scored. For example, walking on a leash at the owner‘s side, standing to be touched by a stranger, sitting and lying down with distractions, and coming when called. Advanced skills prove the handler‘s ability to train the dog to do a variety of ‘tricks‘: fetching a dumbbell, jumping different obstacles, obeying commands in an instant whether given by hand signal or voice, and finding items touched by the handler. The goal is to create a working team, a partnership with both human and canine working in sync. Please note: An AKC Companion Dog (CD) certificate, awarded after 3 passing scores at obedience competitions, entitles Rockville City residents to an off-leash license.

Alfhild Winder (Come When Called Dog Training)

Fee: $185 for 8 sessions in a 12-week period

Upcoming Classes

This is an ongoing class. Please contact the instructor at comewhencalled@verizon.net to check if there is currently space for you and your dog in class.


Class fees help support the free programs and services provided by Your Dog’s Friend, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and supporting dog parents.