Online Reactive Dog Class

Does your dog lunge, bark, growl, or overreact to dogs, people, or other stimuli while out on a walk? This class consists of five online webinars and one in-person class (without your dog) and is designed to help you work with your reactive dog to become more focused and confident. You will learn how to handle the difficult situations that arise when walking a reactive dog.

The first webinar (required) will prepare you for the second lesson, an in-person session where you will see live demonstrations of the various skills that you will practice with your own dog at home. This session is followed by four more webinars. Registration in the course also includes access to a Facebook discussion group where you can pose specific questions about you and your dog.

Two members of your family can attend the in-person session (children must be 12 years or older). Webinars are open to everyone in your family.

Fee: $125 for all six sessions (5 online & 1 on-site)
75 minutes per class online
90 minutes in person (On-site class is without dogs.)

Sarah Stoycos (Laughing Dog Academy)
Marnie Montgomery (Joyful Dog)

Dates: Tues, Oct 4 – Nov 17 (no class on Oct 11), 7:30 – 8:45pm,
one on-site class on Oct 18, 8:15 – 9:45pm

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