Reactive Dog Class

“Wow, do I ever miss YDF! My dog Zoey is an absolutely wonderful dog, except around other dogs, when she often gets extremely fearful and growls and snaps at them if they get too close. I had tried reading books about what to do, and called a few trainers who wanted over $600 for a first consultation! I just wanted a way to help my poor pup feel better and less afraid of the world. Enter YDF’s Reactive Dog class. What an amazing relief! I was surrounded by parents of other reactive dogs, where we could share stories about obnoxious dog owners “Well, MY dog is friendly!” and trade tips for how to gracefully hide from other dogs. In class, we learned strategies to work with our dogs, and how to keep them entertained and focused on us, rather than what else was out there in the big bad world. We worked in individual pods, protected from other dogs until we were ready. My girl absolutely loved it! After the Reactive dog class, I ended up enrolling in Nose Work (a great sport for reactive dogs) and a t-Touch class (a tool for helping your dog to relax). I truly cannot say enough good things about YDF. I just moved across the country and wish I could find a place half as helpful and supportive as YDF out here!”
 – S.B., Berkeley, CA

About this Class:

The goal of this class is to develop the tools to walk your dog on leash without his barking or lunging at other dogs. You will learn the skills needed to help your dog’s comfort level around other dogs and to reduce your own anxiety when out on walks. At the same time, your dog will learn to focus less on other dogs, and more on you. Each handler/dog team has an individual coach during class, but you must do homework with your dog between classes.

The Reactive Dog Class is not for dogs who have snapped at or bitten a human or for dogs with a history of causing serious injury to other dogs.

Michelle Mange (Right Start Maryland)

Fee: $255

Upcoming Classes

Reactive Dog Class is filled from our Wait List. The class is offered on Wednesdays from 8:10 – 9:40 pm. If this time will work for you, join the wait list below.

If Wednesday evenings do not work for you, contact us and we can recommend another class or a private trainer in your area.

Under “behavior issues”, you will find handouts on dog-reactive dogs and reactive dogs living in apartments/condos. The ideas in these handouts can help you while waiting for class.

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