Reactive Dog Questionnaire Form

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Fill out this form if you are interested in attending our Reactive Dog Class in Rockville, Maryland, USA.
  • One of our trainers will email you with information about the Reactive Dog class if you are local to the MD/VA/DC area.
  • We are based in Rockville, Maryland (USA) and can recommend trainers and behaviorists in the MD, DC, and NoVA area. If you do not live in MD, DC, or NoVA, check out this list of Reactive Dog Classes in the US, Canada, and the UK.
  • Head Collar (Gentle Leader / Halti), No-Pull Harness (Easy Walk or Sensation), Muzzle, Choke Collar (Slip or Training), Prong Collar, Electric Collar (Shock Collar), Citronella Collar)