Reactive Dog Class Introduction & Free Assessment

You’re trying to exercise your dog, but it’s stressful because every time another dog appears, your dog goes nuts. Barking like mad. Lunging. Growling. You’re holding on for dear life, trying to pull your dog away while shouting apologies at the other dog’s human. Your worst nightmare is meeting up with an off-leash dog when you’re on a walk. In fact, you’ve given consideration to not walking at all because it’s just so difficult to control your dog.

You’re not alone.

What you have is a reactive dog. What we have is an expert trainer and a team of dedicated training assistants. Our job is to take your dog from barking and lunging at the sight of another pooch to calmly looking back at you. It’s an intensive class, but it delivers results (as long as you hold up your end of the leash/bargain)!

Here’s Proof:

Latte’s mom couldn’t take him for a walk without him making a scene every time he spotted another dog. Here he is on the last day of Reactive Dog Class.


What Is Reactive Dog Class?

an 8-week class that will give you and your dog the tools to go out and about without the stress you’re experiencing now. You may not have a dog that likes other dogs, but by the end of the class, you should have a dog that looks to you for guidance rather than taking the situation into his own paws.

Weeknight Class – Michelle Mange
Weekday Class – Alfhild (Al) Winder

Fee: $260

If your dog is reactive to dogs, people or other stimuli, our online class is another option. Read more about the online class here.

Is Reactive Dog Class Right For Your Dog?

We don’t want to take your money if Reactive Dog Class isn’t the solution for your dog’s behaviors. Some dogs may benefit from a different class while some may be candidates for intensive one-on-one training.

Fill out the form below and our Reactive Dog Class instructor will be able to let you know if Reactive Dog Class is for you. Once the form is filled out, you’ll receive the link to the Reactive Dog Class page.

You can then:

        • Sign up for the waitlist to be notified about the next on-site and online sessions, or
        • wait to hear back from one of our trainers if you’re not sure it’s the class for you.

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