Finding Quality Pet Products

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  • products that Your Dog’s Friend sells
  • our favorite local, independent pet stores
  • websites where you can find all sorts of helpful products
Items We Sell:
Your Dog’s Friend has been recommending these dog products in our classes, and we now have them available for sale. Your purchase helps support the free services offered by Your Dog’s Friend. For more information, contact or 301-983-5913.
Slow Feeder Bowls: Feeding bowls with mazes to slow your dog’s eating and encourage your dog to use his brain and natural hunting instincts during mealtime.
Pet treat “toobs”: Squeeze tubes to deliver soft treats to your dog in 3 oz and 1.25 oz sizes.
No-Pull Harness: Sense-ation Sense-ible, Freedom, and Balance Harnesses:   Discourages pulling. Gentle pressure steers your dog to the side, redirecting attention back to you. Freedom Harness has rings in the front and back and can be bought with a double clip leash that gives you two points of contact. We can fit & adjust our harnesses properly for your dog.
Timberwolf Leash:   Made of climbing cable (difficult to chew). Can be held or worn around waist. Thick version has extra traffic handle; thin leash is for smaller dogs and comes without traffic handle.
Mountain Dog Leash:  Made of recycled climbing rope (difficult to chew). One or two clips available. Can be held, worn around the waist or over the shoulder. Money back guarantee from the company.
Treat Pouch – Doggone Good or Outward Hound:   Attaches around waist. Pops open & shut to reach treats without spilling them.
Target Stick:   12 inch foldable target stick for small dogs.
Martingale Collar:   This gentle no-slip collar prevents a dog from getting loose by backing out of his collar. Different sizes; all nylon.
Toys:   Interactive toys that are challenging and use your dog’s brain, including puzzle toys.  Also, soft discs and a variety of tug and chase toys to help exercise your tug.

We recommend the following local stores:

  • BARK! in Olney, Rockville, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, Clarksville & Pikesville (
  • Wylie Wagg in Woodley Park, Cathedral Commons, Arlington, Fairfax, Tysons & Middleburg (

We recommend the websites below for other items of interest. However, most of these products can be ordered through Amazon. And if you use this link, and choose Your Dog’s Friend, we will receive a percentage of your purchase. We appreciate your support.

Dog Product Reviews:
Toys that exercise your dog and provide mental stimulation:
Kong products
Nina Ottosson interactive & treat puzzle toys
Chase ‘N Pull exercise toy
Flirt Pole Exercise Toy
Dog toys separated by type (chew, fetch, bubble, tug, treat, agility, puzzles)
Sense stimulation toys – sight, bite, sound & smell
Products to help your anxious dog:
Caution badge for leash
Calming cap; mutt muff
Anxiety wrap
Music to help dogs with anxiety issues
CD’s to de-sensitize dogs to noises that frighten them
Families:  Check recommended websites for a description of services.
Colleen Pelar’s books for parents
(Living With Kids & Dogs, Puppy Training for Kids)
Body language flashcards, games, story and coloring books on dog bite prevention
Books, DVD’s, and webinars for expectant parents and parents of babies & toddlers
Book for children, 4 – 8 yrs old, board game, matching game, coloring pages
Online training program for kids
Dog books & DVD’s
Newsletter and e-books on various training / behavior issues
Clicker training products
Pet Tutor – kibble dispenser that provides activity & behavior help; use with remote or set time
Puppy training DVD
Specialized Training:
Puppy mill training DVD
Training & dog sports products
Agility equipment
Nose Work products
“Dog in Training – Give Me Space” vest
Chillybuddy dog cooling jacket
Buddy System waist leash
Indoor tether
Biothane long lines (easy to clean)
Chew-proof dog beds
Muzzles, various sizes and types
Quality car seat cover www.
Wheelchairs and other equipment for handicapped pets
non-slip socks for senior dogs; available in 13 sizes
collar attachment to keep small dogs from getting through the fence
Food & Bones:
Organic food supplies
Bully sticks & other all natural chews
Cleaning Product:
Anti-Icky Poo enzymatic cleaner
(with injector to get under carpet)
Other cool stuff:
Positive only dog training supplies
Toys, Treats, Leashes and more…
Performance dog gear for outdoor adventures
Car seat covers, outdoor & travel gear
Off-Leash Dog Play: a complete guide to safety & fun, staff & daycare training manuals & DVD’s