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Choosing your Dog

Training and Behavior– training videos by international known trainer, Emily Larlham – articles by Pat Miller, training editor of “The Whole Dog Journal”, author, and trainer at Peaceable Paws, near Hagerstown, MD – articles, blogs, and videos, available for free, by Patricia McConnell, known worldwide for her books and seminars – membership available for dog “owners”; educational handouts, videos, and webinars; dog trainer directory – biothane long lines for teaching recall (easy to clean) – indoor tethers – Pet Tutor kibble dispenser that provides activity and behavior help; use with remote or set time – training books and DVD’s

Specific Issues – how to help your fearful dog; books, webinars, blogs, and resources on fearful dogs – a free online plan for helping reactive dogs – a Facebook group for “owners”, trainers, or those who rescue, shelter or foster reactive dogs  – how to choose a muzzle and acclimate your dog to wearing it; includes a video demonstration (You can find a wide variety of muzzles and sizes at  – training & enrichment ideas and blogs speficially about pitbulls & – advocacy and tips for deaf dogs or – chew proof dog beds – collar attachment to keep small dogs from getting through the fence – Pet loss chat room & resources – information about preparing for your pet’s care if your pet outlives you

Products to Help Anxious Dogs – a wrap to calm anxious dogs – music to help dogs with anxiety issues or – CD’s to desensitize dogs to noises that frighten them – “Dog in Training – Give Me Space” vest – calming cap or mutt muff or – flower essences for anxiety

Understanding Your Dog – easy-to-read articles on all things dog – numerous articles on pet care; access to an online behaviorist for free advice – American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior position statements on socializing puppies, punishment, and dominance – download books by Ian Dunbar, “Before You Get Your Puppy” and “After You Get Your Puppy”. – cyber book club featuring a different dog book each month; the authors join readers to discuss their books and answer questions – monthly book club discussing books promoting humane treatment of animals and scientific approaches to the human-animal bond; join on Facebook

Children & Dogs – advice, articles, and order the book, “Living With Kids & Dogs … Without Losing Your Mind” by Colleen Pelar – body language flashcards, games, stories, and coloring books on dog bite prevention – programs & articles for expectant parents and parents of babies and toddlers; DOG & BABY SUPPORT HOTLINE: 1-877-247-3407– tips, videos, and online training program for kids. Our featured video ( on body language is from The Family Dog. – a podcast on issues affecting families with dogs– SAFE dog bite prevention and safety program for kids; videos, ebooks & games– “Pablo Puppy’s Search for the Perfect Person”, a book for 4 – 8 year olds; board game, matching game, and coloring pages for kids

Health – Clearly written articles on various pet illnesses; “ask a vet” – An app for real time video chat with a licensed veterinarian – ASPCA 24 hour poison control advice at 888-426-4435; information on toxic plant, food, and household products; free mobile app – information, reviews, and ratings – natural chews that can be bought in packages; less expensive than in stores – Health-related articles and products from holistic veterinarian, Dr. Nancy Becker – Health tips and resources from The Senior Dogs Project – Wheelchairs and other equipment, articles, and services for handicapped pets – Non-slip socks for senior dogs; available in 13 sizes – Crowd-funded online site to help raise funds to cover medical care for pets

Exercise & Enrichment

Books and DVD’s on dog sports are listed at under “specialized training and competition”. online site that teaches tricks; can join teams and test for titles, if you want an online Freestyle (dog dancing) training site online sports courses using force-free methods intended to encourage a partnership in competitive sports; includes “Management for Reactive Dogs” and “Dealing with the Bogey, man – Helping Fearful and Reactive Competition Dogs” articles on dog play, dog parks, and day care; order “Off-Leash Dog Play – a guide to safety & fun” by Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs i-phone app to help you pay better attention to your dog at play; includes short videos showing “red alert” behaviors subscription to monthly box with enrichment games and directions, treats, and toys dog gear for outdoor adventures car seat covers, outdoor and travel gear training and dog sports equipment Agility equipment Nose Work products Chase ‘N Pull and Flirt Pole interactive exercise toys
o – smart toys you can order through our website

Travel Extensive information on pet-friendly recreation and activities, restaurants, hotels & shops in 12 guidebooks covering various parts of the country, including the DC area Travel books, supplies, lodging & deals Pet-friendly destinations worldwide; toll-free number to speak to a pet-friendly travel agent Pet travel guides; online store includes travel e-books Pet-friendly hotel chains, lodgings that welcome big dogs, available services and activities Hotel and rental car discounts; newsletter

Local Pet Stores BARK! in Olney, Rockville, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, Clarksville & Pikesville The Big Bad Woof in Takoma Park/Washington, DC and Hyattsville Pro Feed in Washington, DC, Alexandria, and Vienna Whole Pet Central in Rockville, Herndon, and Ashburn Club Wags in Silver Spring Wylie Wagg (soon to be Kriser’s Natural Pet) in Woodley Park, Cathedral Commons, Arlington, Fairfax, Tysons, and Middleburg Two Paws Up in Frederick Central Dawgma in Frederick