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Two Inspirational Stories About YDF Students

Although our sports classes are for fun, we do have some students who want to compete. We have always had a lot of Nose Work students (too many to mention) who take that next step, and many have gone on to receive both titles and awards. This weekend seemed particularly special! We had a number […]

Don’t Worry About Jerky Recalls: Bake Your Own Dog Treats

Recalls for various jerky treat products (often made in China) have been all over the news for months now. Most dog parents know which brands to avoid — see the graphic at right for the 6 brands that were voluntarily recalled — but if your dog loves jerky, what are your options? Make your own! […]

Congrats, Ace! Big Success in Reactive Dog Class

Congratulations to Ace & his family for this big huge success last night in Reactive Dog Class! For those unfamiliar with the class, here’s a quick lesson. Reactive dogs are ones that bark and lunge at other dogs or at people. They’re frequently mislabeled as “aggressive,” when most reactive behavior is related to fear. The […]