Cognition Games – Online

Live, online Cognition Games via Zoom

  • We will be using Zoom for this class, so you will need to have internet access and a smartphone or a computer.  Before your first session, your instructor will send you log-in information as well as tips on how to prepare for the class.
  • Instructors will use live demos, discussion and pre-recorded videos. You will also receive coaching from the instructor as you work with your own dog.
  • Join us from anywhere!
  • You’ll be surprised how well your dog can focus on you in your home environment!

Canine Cognition Games

(Take this class first!)

About this Class:

Can your dog tell the difference between blue and yellow?

What if you asked him to read?

Would you like your dog to count?

Cognition Games gives your dog a chance to show you just how brilliant he is! Recent advances in our understanding of canine cognition, and simple but powerful games, will start you and your dog on a new journey of discovery.

Prerequisites: None, but it will be helpful if your dog knows “stay,” so we will send you information for teaching “stay” prior to class

Wonder if this class is for you? Get in touch for more information!

Cognition Games – More Games!

(Take this class after completing Canine Cognition Games!)

About this Class:

You’ve taught your dog to choose between colors and shapes, and have started teaching him to read. Your dog is beginning to understand the concept of learning through imitation. You might have introduced him to indicating an object that matches the one in your hand. You’ve completed Cognition Games, and wonder if there’s more….

“Cognition Games – More Games” is for you!

We’ll introduce new games, and help you take your favorite games to new levels. Our Cognition Facebook group is a great place to share video, articles, tips and techniques, and swap tall tales of cognitive successes.

Join us to continue the adventure!

Prerequisite: Canine Cognition Games or permission of the instructors.


  • Marnie Montgomery (Joyful Dog)
  • Susan Sanderson (Joyful Dog)


  • $150: Four sessions, 60 minutes each

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Class fees help support the free programs and services provided by Your Dog’s Friend, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and supporting dog parents.


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