Basic Classes

Sit and stay are just the beginning.

Adolescent Dog Class
Start teaching your adolescent dog, 5 months to 1 year old, basic good manners; learn how to deal with typical adolescent challenges; and practice training exercises to help prevent future fear and aggression issues.
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Basic Manners – In-person
Working as a team, you will help your dog learn basic skills and practice training exercises while working around other dogs. For dogs 6-months old and older.
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Basic Manners – Online
A great training foundations class choice for dogs who may be too distracted, nervous, overstimulated, or reactive to learn in the in-person class setting. For dogs 6-months old and older.
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Puppy Kindergarten
Training, socialization, and play for puppies. For puppies up 18 weeks (in person) or up to 6 months (online).
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