Control Unleashed: Reactive to Relaxed (Online)

Live, online via Zoom

  • We will use Zoom for this class, so you will need to have internet access and a smartphone or computer.  Before the first session, your instructor will send you log-in information and tips on how to prepare for class.
  • Videos demonstrating the exercises will be provided and should be watched prior to class.
  • Classes will include live coaching and discussion.
  • Homework will be assigned each week.
  • Written materials, video demonstrations and recordings of the Zoom sessions will be available on Google Classroom throughout the 6-week class period.
  • Join us from anywhere!

About this Class:

Build on the skills you learned in our Online Reactive Dog class and increase your dog’s ability to relax and focus when in stimulating or stressful situations.  The class is based on Control Unleashed: Reactive to Relaxed​, the third book in the CU series by Leslie McDevitt. This program uses “conversational” training, with underlying principles based on the behavior modification concepts of desensitization and counter-conditioning.

In this course you will learn how to condition default behaviors which can override instinctive behavior, and how to utilize pattern games to provide a predictable, familiar framework that reduces the power of stressors.

Learn how to understand and empower your dog, and your dog will learn how to make better behavioral choices around triggers.

Prior to class each week, you will be asked to watch a series of videos that demonstrate certain exercises.  During class, you will discuss these exercises with your instructor, practice them with your dog and receive  coaching and feedback on your efforts.  Homework will be assigned!

Prerequisite: Online Reactive class, or with instructor’s approval

Instructor:  Angie Madden (DogSpeak, LLC)

Fee:  $190

Number and length of class sessions:  Six sessions, 60-minutes each

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