Puppy Preschool – Online

About this Class:

Join our Puppy Preschool modules for guidance and coaching on specific puppy topics. Register for one or more of these sessions, in any order!

Module 1: Nipping, Enrichment, and Mat

  • What to do when your puppy turns into a bitey alligator.
  • Ways to tire out your puppy and give them opportunities to practice normal dog behaviors.
  • How to help your puppy find their off switch and relax.

Module 2: House Training, Crate Training, and Car Riding

  • How to set your puppy up to successfully use the outdoors as their bathroom rather than your home.
  • How to make car rides a stress-free experience.
  • How to get your puppy comfortable spending time in their crate or pen.

Module 3: Socialization, Touch, and (how to prevent) Resource Guarding

  • How to get your puppy to give up something you don’t want them to have.
  • The “swiss army knife” of puppy training: teaching your puppy to touch their nose to your hand.
  • How to give your puppy a positive introduction to the world around them.

Kelly Burgdorf (Horses and Hounds Training)

$30 per each 60-minute module

Number and length of class sessions:
Each module is 60 minutes

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