Sports & Enrichment

Sniff This, Eat That – In-person
Scent games can build a dog’s confidence and bond with their person. Let the fun begin, let’s get sniffing!
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Tricks! – In-person
Fun for dogs of all ages!  Teaching tricks is a great way to have fun with your dog, exercise their brain and body, build your bond, and practice the training skills you already have while learning new ones too.
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Novice Tricks Prep – In-person
Have fun learning the tricks you’ll need to prepare for either the AKC or the Do More With Your Dog Novice Tricks Test!
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Intermediate Tricks Prep – In-person
Learn the tricks you’ll need to prepare for either the AKC or the Do More With Your Dog Intermediate Tricks Test!
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Rally – Novice, Intermediate – In-person
You’ll follow signs and practice important behaviors in a fun way with increasing distractions. We’ll be using AKC Novice signs, treats, and praise.
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Cognition Games – Online
Cognition Games gives your dog a chance to show you just how brilliant they are! Recent advances in our understanding of canine cognition, and simple but powerful games, will start you and your dog on a new journey of discovery.
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Agility (all in-person)

Agility: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Three different ability levels, so that you and your dog can master basic skills before moving on to more advanced techniques.  You will be able to progress to the next level when you and your dog have become proficient in most aspects of the current level, as determined by your instructor.  Please note that this may involve staying at the same level through several class cycles.
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Nose Work

Nose Work: Levels 1-4, Advanced, Travel
Nose Work,  a relatively new detection-style sport develops a dog‘s natural scenting abilities by using the dog‘s curiosity, desire to hunt, and love of toys, food, and exercise.   Scent work is  fun for the dog and handler! Your dog will get to use his natural instincts to sniff and chase while being physically and mentally challenged. Since the dogs work one at a time, while the other dogs are crated or behind a pod, this class is good even for shy or reactive dogs. Part 1 is Intro to Search; Part 2 is Intro to Odor. You can continue through the levels and compete along the way. Eventually, you and your dog can compete in Odor Recognition Trials and Titles, but you can do fun nose work at home using minimal supplies.
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