Overcoming Your Dog’s Distractions


Your dog may perform actions like Sit, Down, or Shake at home or at your training school, but does his ability to do those things go out the window when you’re outside? Distractions come in many forms. They are most difficult to overcome when they occur in clusters. Rarely is your dog faced with one […]

Positive Training Without Food

Photo by speshulted on Flickr

Positive training may start with food as the reward, but it doesn’t have to end there. Read about other reinforcers in this article from our Newsletter Archives.

Human Space Invaders


Humans show their teeth when they are friendly! Dogs bare teeth as a warning. Humans lean forward and make direct eye contact. When a dog leans forward and makes direct eye contact, it’s a challenge. How strange dogs must think we are! In this article from our Newsletter Archives, read more about the strange ways that […]

Congratulations to YDF Agility Student, Kerfuffle!


Congratulations to YDF student, Kerfuffle the Cockapoo, on his recent agility titles!