Human Space Invaders


Humans show their teeth when they are friendly! Dogs bare teeth as a warning. Humans lean forward and make direct eye contact. When a dog leans forward and makes direct eye contact, it’s a challenge. How strange dogs must think we are! In this article from our Newsletter Archives, read more about the strange ways that […]

Congratulations to YDF Agility Student, Kerfuffle!


Congratulations to YDF student, Kerfuffle the Cockapoo, on his recent agility titles!

Cesar Millan & Dominance

Photo by puck90 on Flickr

Those of you who watch Cesar Millan’s television show are familiar with the concept of dominance. Fifteen years ago, most dogs were trained using this concept, which led to training based on force and submission. As Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, MS explains on her website: Traditional training techniques are based on the idea that we […]

A Big Change for Our Website!


A better registration system is here! Your information and your dog’s information will be saved, and signing up for waiting lists will be even easier!