Positive Training in Action: Down / Stay in the Kitchen (VIDEO)

Imagine this: When you’re cooking dinner, your dog lies quietly on his bed and doesn’t get up until you call him. Fantasy? No way! Your dog can learn to do this with positive training.

Cheap and Easy Training Treats for your Dog

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VIDEO: What You Can Learn in Dog Tricks Class

Lisa’s Dog Tricks class just finished up their 3rd class, so we thought we’d show off a bit of what they’ve learned. Check out these super duper pups: Bodhi the collie, Beryl the lab, Syrio the cocker spaniel, and Xander the beagle mix. Other tricks (beyond the video!) the class has worked on so far: […]

79 Cents for High Value Dog Treats from Safeway

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You have holiday guests coming, but your dog is either going to be terrified and hide or bark his head off at them, trying to scare them away. What can you do to make the day stress-free for everyone? We have tips!

INFOGRAPHIC: The Dogs of Your Dog’s Friend (2015)

How many poodle mixes? Is your dog one of a kind (no other dog of that breed in 2015)? Check out our cool stats!