Why Punishing a Dog’s Fear Doesn’t Work

Rex was so fearful when he was first rescued, he would void his bowels if someone touched him. With patience and positive training, he now cuddles with his mom and will take treats from his dad.

Dogs can express fear in a variety of ways. Some dogs, like Rex on the right, express their fear by shrinking back and trying to be invisible. Others, like Jazzy in this article from our Newsletter Archives, show their anxiety by trying to act tough and scare away the thing that scares them. Both of […]

Destructive Dog? Easy & Fun Activities to Tucker Them Out

Photo of "Fez" with his Nylabone courtesy of LeeAnn Heringer

Does your dog get into things? Chew? Dig? Bark? Surprised? You shouldn’t be! He’s a dog and that’s what dogs do! In this article from our Newsletter Archives, learn the difference between Interactive Toys and Pacifier Toys; which toys are safe for times when your dog is home alone; and doggy games to play with […]

5 Steps to Positive Dog Training

Photo by bullcitydogs on Flickr

You don’t need a psychology degree to understand positive, rewards-based dog training. This article from our Newsletter Archives describes the five simple steps to create a lifelong bond between you and your dog. The first step? Decide with your family what behaviors you want your dog to learn and what word(s) you want to use […]

Teaching Your Dog to “Drop It”

Photo by zoomar on Flickr

When your dog steals an item she shouldn’t have — a sock, a shoe, a child’s toy — how do you get it back? If it involves an epic game of “catch me if you can” or growling, this article from our Newsletter Archives is perfect for you. Learn how to get your dog to […]