Randolph Road Closures & Detours in July

For students coming to the training center in July, please be aware that if you normally cross the train tracks at Randolph & Nebel Street, your route will be closed for train track maintenance. See our suggested detour here and give yourself some extra travel time.

Human Space Invaders!

The article below is from Diamonds in the Ruff (www.diamondsintheruff.com), a website with terrific articles and tip sheets on all sorts of behavior issues. Looming, leaning, reaching, showing teeth and staring – that’s how most humans greet dogs.  The dog at left is showing his discomfort at this child’s greeting by lowering his head, flattening his ears, licking […]

Bribes vs Rewards

by Nancy Tucker (“The Normal Dog” Blog – March 22, 2011) Every single time I walk with Woody, I bring along a treat pouch with a mishmash of various goodies. Maybe some kibble, maybe some dried liver, maybe some cheese, maybe some apple chunks, or maybe some of Woody’s favorite Zukes. Recently, someone remarked, “What? […]

It’s Only Funny Until Your Dog Runs Out of Spoons

Why does your dog have spoons and why is it important that you, as his parent, maintain his collection?

Cheap and Easy Training Treats for your Dog

Breaking the budget on training treats? STOP! Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to stock your treat bag with delicious goodies for rewarding your dog.

Has Your Dog Wised Up to Pill Pockets? Try this Trick!

Some dogs are easy to medicate. Wrap a pill in a bit of cheese or stick it in a Pill Pocket and—GULP!—down the hatch it goes. But what do you do when your dog hates taking pills or you have a particularly bitter-flavored medicine that renders your usual technique useless?

Get Dog Food Recall News Immediately by Email

Pour that kibble without worry! This free service will send you an email alert immediately if a pet food recall is announced.