Websites We Recommend

Choosing your Dog

Petfinder – articles on finding the right pet before looking at available dogs. Choosing a dog from a local shelter or rescue is a better idea than adopting a dog you haven’t met and don’t know much about

Your Dog’s Friend (before you adopt) – what to consider before adopting, choosing a puppy or rescue dog, and preparing your home for your new pet

Training and Behavior

Whole Dog Journal – a monthly publication, e-books on a variety of topics, online classes, and newsletter with behavior, training, and health articles

Dog Training by Kikopup – over 350 free dog training tutorials/videos by internationally known trainer, Emily Larlham

Rescued by Training – training videos on all sorts of problem behaviors – like resource guarding, jumping on people, and reactivity. This trainer works at a shelter to help dogs become more adoptable

Peaceable Paws – articles by Pat Miller, training editor of “The Whole Dog Journal”, author, and trainer at Peaceable Paws, near Hagerstown, MD

Patricia McConnell – articles, blogs, and videos, available for free, by Patricia McConnell, known worldwide for her books and seminars

Wilde About Dogs – blogs, seminar videos, and books by Nicole Wilde; subscribe to receive blogs or weekly training tips

ASPCA – numerous articles on behavior and training

Dogwise – training, behavior, and sports books and DVD’s

Understanding Your Dog 

Diamonds in the Ruff – easy-to-read articles on all things dog

Silent Conversations – dog body language and canine communication

i Speak Dogpromotes dog body language and behavior education — in partnership with trainers, behaviorists, veterinarians, and welfare professionals across the globe

AVASB – American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior position statements on socializing puppies, punishment, and dominance

Companion Animal Psychology – blog, articles, podcast by animal behavior expert, Zazie Todd

Specific Issues 

Fearful Dogs – how to help your fearful dog; books, webinars, blogs, and resources on fearful dogs

Julie Naismith – free separation anxiety guide, app for group training, and podcast

Fear Free Happy Homes – directory of fear-free trainers, veterinarians, and groomers; articles, videos and more to help you and your fearful pet

CARE for Reactive Dogs – a free online plan for helping reactive dogs

Muzzle Up Project  – how to choose a muzzle and acclimate your dog to wearing it; includes a video demonstration

Deaf Dog Education Fund  & Deaf Dogs Rock – advocacy and tips for deaf dogs

Blind Dog Training – training tips and videos for blind dogs

Pet Sitters International – find professional pet sitters and dog walkers with pet care training, who are certified, insured and bonded

Paw Boost – lost pet alerts on the PawBoost Facebook page in your area or join the local “Rescue Squad” and receive emails about lost pets nearby

Exercise & Enrichment

Dogwise – Books and DVD’s on dog sports, enrichment and exercise

Do More With Your Dog –  videos for teaching tricks and canine conditioning exercises

Dogs Can Dance –  an online Freestyle (dog dancing) training site

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy –  online sports and behavior courses using force-free methods,  includes “Management for Reactive Dogs” and “Dealing with the Bogeyman – Helping Reactive and Fearful Dogs”

Fearful Dogs –  training games for shy dogs

Sniffspot – rent safe and private play space hosted by locals

Outdoor Dog – videos and titling programs in hiking, walking, swimming, boating, and more

TotoFit – fitness and conditioning products and advice

Canine Enrichment –  facebook group for sharing canine enrichment activities

Children & Dogs

Living With Kids and Dogs – advice, articles, and order the book, “Living With Kids & Dogs … Without Losing Your Mind” by Colleen Pelar

Doggone Safe – body language flashcards, games, stories, and coloring books on dog bite prevention

Family Paws – programs & articles for expectant parents and parents of babies and toddlers; DOG & BABY SUPPORT HOTLINE: 1-877-247-3407

The Family Dog – tips, videos, and online training program for kids. Our featured body language video from The Family Dog.

Your Family Dog – a podcast on issues affecting families with dogs

Good Dog in a Box – SAFE dog bite prevention and safety program for kids; videos, ebooks & games

Animal Welfare Institute – teaching resources for kids and animals, including “Pablo Puppy’s Search for the Perfect Person”, a book for 4 – 8 year olds; board game, matching game, and coloring pages for kids


Center for Pet Safety – information on car harnesses, travel crates, air travel and more

Fear Free Pets – online education for veterinary professionals, pet professionals, animal welfare communities, and pet owners on methods to reduce anxiety and stress in dogs.  Find fear free certified veterinarians and other pet professionals in your area

Consumers Advocate – comprehensive information on pet insurance plans

Veterinary Partner – Clearly written articles on various pet illnesses; “ask a vet”

ASPCA Animal Poison Control – 24 hour poison control advice at 888-426-4435; information on toxic plant, food, and household products; free mobile app

American Red Cross – app for pet first aid helps identify symptoms and suggests appropriate medical action, with step by step instructions and video, until you can get to a veterinarian

Dog Food Advisor – information, reviews, and ratings

The Senior Dogs Project  – Health tips, adoption and foster resources about senior dogs

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome Evaluation Tool – Purina Institute’s tool to evaluate cognitive impairment in dogs

End of Life

Pet Loss Partners – virtual pet loss support groups, weekly chat rooms, and individual sessions for pet parents who have lost a pet or are anticipating a loss

Peace & Comfort – in-home euthanasia for your pet in the Washington, DC area with Dr. Kathy Meyer, a veterinarian since 1986 who specialized in behavior, and who has devoted her practice for the past few years to helping pets at the end of their lives

2nd Chance 4 Pets – information about preparing for your pet’s care if your pet outlives you


Center for Pet Safety – information, testing and ratings on car harnesses, travel crates and more

Air & Car Travel in Dogs – advice about your dog’s anxiety when traveling from Animal Behavior Wellness Center

Bring Fido – pet-friendly destinations worldwide; toll-free number to speak to a pet-friendly travel agent

Pet Hospitality –  travel books, supplies, lodging & deals

Pets Welcome –  pet-friendly hotel chains, lodgings that welcome big dogs, available services and activities

Pet Travel –  comprehensive guide to domestic and international pet travel

Pender Air –  a highly rated, pet-friendly operation for relocating pets from the Washington, DC area to other places around the country or the world