Online Classes

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the video format, but it was great–very organized and personalized. Thanks again for continuing the class. It was probably the highlight of our week, since it also enabled us to do something together as a family.”

“The different modes of learning (eg, videos, discussion, lecture, real feedback on practice) are highly effective and keep class interesting.”

Basic Foundation Classes

  • First Things First with Your New Rescue – Online
    This online class will give you skills to help your dog transition to life with your family.
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  • Basic Manners
    Learn to speak “Doglish” and build a bond between you and your dog while learning valuable skills like Come, Sit, Wait, Leave It, and loose leash walking.
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Beyond the Basic Classes

  • Intermediate Manners
    Take your training to the next level with real-life applications. If your dog already knows the basics, this class will offer new challenges!
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Behavior Classes

  • Online Fearful Dog Class
    This is a 4 week online class to teach you how to help your fearful (but not reactive) dog get over some of his fears.
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  • Online Reactive Dog Class
    Does your dog lunge, bark, growl, or overreact to dogs, people, or other stimuli? Our online class will teach you how to handle the difficult situations that arise when you live with or walk a reactive dog.
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  • Resource Guarding: Help for Your Dog Who Doesn’t Share
    Does your dog guard food or toys? The couch? His bed? You? Learn techniques for peaceful coexistence and successful sharing.
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  • Control Unleashed Classes – Online
    The Control Unleashed “CU” program is based on the books and DVDs by Leslie McDevitt. Originally designed to help agility dogs learn how to relax, focus, and work reliably off-leash, CU uses “conversational” training to build a solid foundation of life skills. Class options include: Foundations, Pattern Games, Reactive to Relaxed, Cooperative Care and Counter Conditioning.
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  • Online Separation Anxiety Class
    Does your dog struggle when left alone? We will show you how to address the variety of issues that can create this complicated problem and how to build your own plan to work to reduce your dog’s anxiety.
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Specialty Classes

  • Love the Leash: End the Tug of War
    In this class, you’ll learn ways to help you and your dog to loosen the leash, and to walk together in harmony.
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  • Cognition Games
    Cognition Games gives your dog a chance to show you just how brilliant they are! Recent advances in our understanding of canine cognition, and simple but powerful games, will start you and your dog on a new journey of discovery.
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  • TTouch Methods to Calm Your Dog
    In this online class, you and your dog will have the opportunity to learn and practice the basics of body work, wraps, and movement exercises.
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  • Tricks – Online
    Teaching tricks is a great way to have fun with your dog, exercise their brain and body, build your bond, and practice the training skills you already have while learning new ones too.
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