Online Classes

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the video format, but it was great–very organized and personalized. Thanks again for continuing the class. It was probably the highlight of our week, since it also enabled us to do something together as a family.”

“The different modes of learning (e.g., videos, discussion, lecture, real feedback on practice) are highly effective and keep class interesting.”

Behavior Classes

  • Online Reactive Dog – For dogs who lunge and bark, especially while on leash. Learn More
  • Resource Guarding: Help for Your Dog Who Doesn’t Share – Does your dog guard food or toys? The couch? His bed? You? Learn techniques for peaceful coexistence and successful sharing. Learn More
  • Control Unleashed – Based on Leslie McDevitt’s books, these classes will help you and your dog strengthen your communication and connection around distractions. Learn More
  • Online Separation Anxiety – Solutions and support for separation stress. Learn More

Specialty Classes

  • Calling All Dogs! – Teach your dog a rock-solid recall.  Learn More
  • Lunchtime Fun: Indoor Games & Activities – Beat the heat!  Learn More
  • Introduction to Cooperative Care – Learn to promote trust, reduce fear, and build a solid foundation for cooperative care, like nail trimming, teeth brushing, and grooming. Learn More
  • TTouch Methods to Calm Your Dog – A calming technique for balance and learning. Learn More