In-Person Classes

Puppy Classes

  • Puppy Kindergarten – Training, socialization, and play for puppies. Learn More
  • Puppy Party – Play and socialize with puppy friends. Learn More
  • Puppy Agility Games – Puppy-friendly skills to build confidence.  Learn More
  • Puppy 1st Grade – Train through the transition to adolescence.  Learn More
  • Puppy 2nd Grade – Increased training challenges and continued fun.  Learn More

Basic Foundation Class (Beginner)

  • Basic Skills for Adolescent & Adult Dogs – A starting point for foundation behaviors. Learn More

Beyond the Basics Classes

  • Control Unleashed – Prepare dogs to relax, focus and work together with you. You will learn how to understand and empower your dog, and your dog will learn to make good behavioral choices. Learn More
  • Intermediate Manners – Increased training challenges.  Learn More
  • Passing Dogs on Leash: Skills for Success – Focus and leash skills for dogs who LOVE other dogs.  Learn More
  • Leash Walking – Reduce the pulling and increase the enjoyment for you and your dog.  Learn More
  • Calling All Dogs – Teach your dog a rock-solid recall. Learn More
  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Prep – Fine-tune your dog’s obedience skills as you prepare for the ten exercises required to pass the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test. Learn More  (Already have your CGC? See Urban CGC Prep and Advanced CGC Prep.)
  • Love the Leash: End the Tug of War – Learn ways to help you and your dog to loosen the leash and walk together in harmony. Learn More
  • Out & About – Gain leash-walking skills and confidence in outdoor locations (in and around Rockville, MD). Learn More

Behavior Classes

  • Confidence Building – Help your puppy, budding therapy dog, or timid dog learn that the world isn’t such a scary place. Learn More
  • Reactive Dog Class – Help your dog begin to look to you for guidance in challenging situations. Learn More

Single-Session Classes

  • Puppy Party – Play and socialize with puppy friends.  Learn More

Sports & Enrichment Classes

  • Sniff This, Eat That – Scent games can build a dog’s confidence and bond with their person. Learn More
  • Tricks! – Fun for dogs of all ages! Build your bond and practice new skills. Learn More
  • Tricks Prep – Novice, Intermediate – Have fun learning the tricks you’ll need to prepare for either the AKC or the Do More With Your Dog Novice or Intermediate Tricks Test! Learn More
  • Rally – Novice, Intermediate – Follow signs and practice important behaviors in a fun way with increasing distractions. Learn More
  • Agility: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced – Three skill levels so that you and your dog can master basic skills before moving on to more advanced techniques upon instructor approval. Learn More
  • Sports Workshops – Agility and Rally single-session workshops. Learn More
  • Nose Work – Your dog will get to use their natural instincts to sniff and chase while being physically and mentally challenged. Learn More
  • Silver Snouts – Short fitness routines and safe, fun agility courses offer older dogs exercise, cognitive stimulation, and enthusiastic praise. Learn More