About Us

Your Dog’s Friend is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization working to improve dogs’ lives, reduce problem behaviors, and keep dogs out of shelters, by educating and supporting their humans.  We believe in the power of positive training, not only because scientific studies have proven it is effective, but because it builds trust, and never causes pain or fear. And…it’s fun! Our free and reduced-cost resources include monthly interactive webinars, an advice-rich website, one-on-one consultation by phone and email, training classes, and support for animal welfare organizations.

Why It Matters

There are still so many trainers who use or recommend outdated training and behavior methods that can actually cause behavior problems to develop. These dogs then end up back in shelters and are often euthanized. The damage could have been prevented if the public were more aware that alternatives exist to dominance-oriented, aversive or harsh methods of training. These same methods are used when behavior issues arise, even though many of these behaviors, such as reactivity or even aggression, are rooted in fear. Your Dog’s Friend’s educates the public about how dogs learn and what dogs need. We teach dog parents how to build trust and manners using only positive training methods. We are available to answer questions, give referrals, and calm fears. In all of these ways, we attempt to prevent and remedy behavior problems, help dogs become lifetime companions, and keep dogs out of shelters.