Please bring the following to each class:

  • A flat or buckle collar or harness (preferred) on your dog.  No choke, prong, or electronic collars permitted
  • A regular 6-foot leash.  No retractable leashes permitted
  • 2-3 varieties of soft, easy to swallow treats, cut into pea-sized pieces (about 2 cups or more, depending on the size of your dog). Suggestions include:
    • Chicken or turkey (baked, deli meat, rotisserie, etc.)
    • Low-fat cheese sticks
    • Low-fat hot dogs
    • Air-dried or freeze-dried 100% meat or other protein
    • Soft, small commercial dog treats – with few ingredients (more meat!)
    • While kibble, cheerios and other commercial dog training treats may work well at home, these typically don’t work well in a class environment
  • Treat pouch, which can be fastened around your waist, for treats (we sell treat bags at the training center)
  • Water bowl and water
  • Mat, blanket, or towel for your pup to relax on
  • (Optional) A filled Kong or special chew for down-time in class

We will provide a free clicker at your first class, if required.  Can’t wait to see you and your pup in class!

Note: If additional items are needed for class your instructor will notify you via the welcome email prior to the first class