Leash Manners

“I truly have to thank all of the people who worked with us in Rockville. The positive approach to training, is something that will always stay with us. Such an awesome group!”
 – B.M., Gaithersburg, MD

About this Class:

Have you taken a training class but your dog still pulls every which way on walks? Maybe some focused work will help! With lots of practice during the clinic and at home, you will have the skills needed to start enjoying a more pleasant walk wherever you go! In this clinic, you will learn how to: get and keep your dog’s attention; hold your leash so that your dog can’t pull you off your feet; use equipment to help with training; reinforce your dog effectively; maneuver around distractions.

No choke, prong, or electronic collars will be allowed. This class is not for reactive dogs.

Sarah Stoycos (Laughing Dog Academy)

Fee: $45

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Class fees help support the free programs and services provided by Your Dog’s Friend, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and supporting dog parents.



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