A Big Change for Our Website!

Thank you for your continued support of Your Dog’s Friend, the non-profit that educates and supports dog parents.

You will notice a change in the registration process on our website. This change is a result of listening to your feedback on our current system and lots of research to find the best solution for an organization like ours.

dbpWe have decided on DogBizPro, a registration and payment system that was developed by a dog trainer for use by other dog trainers. It is very exciting because it has lots of features that you’ve wanted (as well as others to make life easier for our volunteer office staff).

Our new system will:

  • Save your information
  • Save your dog’s information
  • Save information for multiple dogs!
  • Show you the number of spaces available in class
  • Have better waitlists
  • Have enhanced security: DogBizPro’s server offers 128-bit encryption

Since DogBizPro is new to us, you will have to create a new account. Once you have entered information for yourself and your dogs, it will be saved forever! The only time you will need to enter additional information is for specialty classes like the Reactive Dog Class or Training by Design.

We’ve created a step-by-step document to walk you through registration. Click here to view the document and print it out. Remember, once you’ve registered yourself and added your dog(s), signing up for a new class will be as simple as a few clicks!

If you have a few moments, register for DogBizPro now so the next time you want to take a class at Your Dog’s Friend, you can sign up as easy as 1, 2, 3!