Cookie Policy

In the computer world, a cookie is a small text file that is sent from a website to your computer. This file is then readable by the website the next time you visit. Cookies do not contain any personal identification data.

Your Dog’s Friend uses cookies to make our website run smoother. Here are ways cookies help:

  • Speeds up the site so you see pages quicker
  • Keep you logged in so you don’t need to log in every time you visit or change pages
  • Analyze data so we can understand how people interact with our site so we can improve it
  • Make your shopping experience on our website quick and easy

Here are the third party cookies we use:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics tells us how many people come to the site, what they read, and how long they stay, among other things. Data is anonymous, so we don’t know that “Mary from Rockville visited for 30 minutes and read about House Training and Biting.” We use the data to see which parts of our site are most valuable to our readers and which parts could be better featured. Please see Google’s privacy policy for more information.

2. WooCommerce

The Your Dog’s Friend shopping cart is powered by WooCommerce. If your browser has locked out cookies, you will not be able to check out. The WooCommerce cookie is a very friendly one! All it does is remember what you’ve put in your cart. Without the cookie, the cart will “forget” what’s inside it and you’ll get an error when you try to go to Paypal to pay.

Government Employees / Contractors

If you’re using a computer that belongs to the federal government, there is a good chance that your IT department has locked it down so you can’t do much online. If you see an option to accept a cookie from Your Dog’s Friend or WooCommerce and can click Yes, do it. But likely you will have to wait until you get home on your personal computer to purchase a class.

Disabling or Restricting Cookies

The “Help” area of your web browser has directions on how to disable or restrict cookies on this or any other website. For more information on cookies, visit

Add Your Dog’s Friend to your White List

All About Cookies has a guide to adjusting your security settings to tell your browser that YDF is a friendly/accepted site. Click here to view the guide. Just select your browser and follow the directions to add