dogwithshoeDogs 101: Dogs are social animals that want attention.

Your dog doesn’t know that you came home tired; all he knows is that he has been alone all day and wants to play. He will chew, bark, jump, or grab something and run if that’s the only way to get your attention.  If your dog takes something, don’t chase him, or it will be a rewarding game.  Instead, trade him for something he’ll like better, while teaching the “drop it” cue.  If your dog jumps on you, ignore him.  When your dog stops, look at him and wait for him to sit. Then, praise and reward him.  Your dog will quickly understand that jumping doesn’t get your attention; sitting does. You should also get in the habit of petting and praising your dog when he is lying quietly next to you.  Reward good behavior not just in training, but all the time.  And if you’re gone all day, consider a small, in-home doggie day care or a dog walker, so your dog isn’t alone and isolated.


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