“The BEST dog training facility in the DC Metropolitan area. I’m a new dog owner and my pup suffered from separation anxiety. In addition to helping both of us learn basic manners, Your Dog’s Friend also worked with me to help with my pup’s anxiety. 
 – L.B., Bethesda, MD

Confidence Building

In Person

About this Class:
Help your dog and watch their confidence grow as they learn three important lessons: 1) You and your dog are a team and they can trust you to protect them; 2) New and unusual situations can be fun; and 3) What’s unfamiliar can make treats & good things happen. Learn how to help your dog develop positive associations with strange, moving, or unexpected things.  If your dog is afraid of nail clippers, being brushed, or having their feet touched, you’ll get started on the path to making them feel more comfortable with those necessary grooming tasks. We will demo and discuss how to use different surfaces and scent work, and even teach a few tricks.

This class is good for puppies and dogs that need a little help learning that the world isn’t such a scary place.


  • Susan Sanderson
  • E. Foley


  • $165: Four sessions, 60 minutes each

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