Control Unleashed

In-person at our Training Center in Rockville, MD

About this Class:

Based on Leslie McDevitt’s books “Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog” and “Control Unleashed: Reactive to Relaxed,” Control Unleashed™ is a training program for students and dogs who are ready to strengthen their communication and connection around distractions.

Despite the class title, Control Unleashed is a fun curriculum taught while your dog is on-leash in our training center. Turn stress into confidence and distraction into focus.  Build your dog’s ability to relax, focus, and work reliably in either stimulating or stressful situations using training games that increase attention, reduce the power of stressors and the pull of distractions while you and your dog have fun in a friendly, safe, and supportive environment.

With an emphasis on handler focus, impulse control and coming when called in the presence of common distractions, this class is a must for those planning to participate in dog sports like agility, but also for any handler of a young, easily distracted, impulsive or insecure dog.

Prerequisite: Puppy Kindergarten, Adolescent or Basic Manners; not appropriate for dogs reactive to other dogs or people


  • Linlin Cao (Dogtor Training)


  • $200

Number and length of class sessions:

  • Six sessions, 60-minutes each; the last session will be held at an outdoor location in Rockville TBD

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