Nose Work

Your dog will use their nose to sniff and search

Nose Work is a detection-style sport that develops a dog’s natural scenting abilities by using the dog’s curiosity, desire to hunt, and love of toys, food, and exercise. Your dog will get to use his natural instincts to sniff and chase while being physically and mentally challenged. Scent work is fun for the dog and handler!

Since the dogs work one at a time, while the other dogs are crated or behind a pod, this class is a great option for shy or reactive dogs!

If you and your dog advance through the nose work levels, you can eventually compete in Odor Recognition Trials and Titles, but you don’t have to! You can also do fun nose work at home using minimal supplies.

    • NOSE WORK: Novice – This class introduces you and your dog to nose work. Your dog will learn to search and will develop their focus. Prerequisite: None
    • NOSE WORK: Advanced – For students who are already familiar with nose work, we will add distractions, different set ups, and new containers. The most advanced students will hone their ability to identify birch and will work toward the type of scenario you would find if you took an Odor Recognition Test (ORT). Prerequisite: Nose Work: Novice

Age range: 6 months and older

Class length: 6 consecutive weeks (not including holidays). 60 minutes each. Make-up classes are not possible.

Fee: $200


  • Jacqueline Reardon, CNWI

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