Rally Run-Throughs


About this Class:

This is an opportunity to have fun with your dog and practice one of the official AKC Rally Courses! This session will run 60 minutes and each student will be able to run through the course several times.The instructor will be there to answer questions, but this is more of an opportunity to practice your existing skills than a teaching session. We look forward to rallying you and your dog on!


  • Novice – Basic, Adolescent, Puppy K, or Rally class at Your Dog’s Friend and/or foundational skills in loose-leash walking, sit, down, stay
  • Intermediate – Novice Rally

Instructor: Robin Shepherd (Infinite Dog)

Fee: $35 per session: one session, 60 minutes

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Class fees help support the free programs and services provided by Your Dog’s Friend, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and supporting dog parents.