Rally: Novice, Intermediate

In-person Rally

  • Not appropriate for dogs with human or dog reactivity
  • Dogs of any age may participate

About this Class:

Rally is an interactive way of both training and playing with your pup at the same time! You’ll follow signs and practice important behaviors in a fun way with increasing distractions. We’ll be using AKC Novice signs, treats, and praise. This class will help build your connection with your dog through two-way communication. As we increase distractions, you’ll find that those communication skills really shine! You’ll engage with your pup by talking with them, using cues, hand touches, fun sounds, and of course treats! This engaging game can really help with attention and leash walking skills in general.

We offer two different levels of Rally: Novice and Intermediate.

For Novice Rally, your dog should know sit, down, touch, and loose leash walking (it doesn’t have to be perfect!).

Intermediate Rally is for Novice Rally class grads. We’ll introduce some Intermediate Rally signs, with an emphasis on more distractions.


  • Melissa Dilla (Metropolitan Dog)
  • Robin Shepherd (Infinite Dog)


  • $165: Four sessions, 60-minutes each 

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