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Destructive Dog? Easy & Fun Activities to Tucker Them Out

Photo of "Fez" with his Nylabone courtesy of LeeAnn Heringer

Photo of “Fez” with his Nylabone courtesy of LeeAnn Heringer

Does your dog get into things? Chew? Dig? Bark?

Surprised? You shouldn’t be! He’s a dog and that’s what dogs do!

In this article from our Newsletter Archives, learn

  • the difference between Interactive Toys and Pacifier Toys;
  • which toys are safe for times when your dog is home alone; and
  • doggy games to play with the whole family (even on rainy days).

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Positive Training Without Food

Photo by speshulted on Flickr

Photo by speshulted on Flickr

Positive training naysayers will say things like:

  • “The dog only does what it’s told because it wants the treat.”
  • “If you don’t have treats on you, the dog won’t work.”
  • “The dog doesn’t respect you; it just wants food.”
  • “What happens if you don’t have treats on you?”

The good news is that while positive training works extremely well with treats (and even later if you don’t have treats on your person), it can also work well with other things your dog finds reinforcing. In this article from our Newsletter Archives, read more about other ways you can tell your dog, “GOOD JOB!”

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Review: What’s In A BarkBox?

titaniabiscuitYour Dog’s Friend has partnered with a monthly dog goodies delivery service called BarkBox. For every new BarkBox customer that uses the code YDFBBX1, our Foster Dog Alliance program gets a $10 donation. But that’s not all! You also get $10 off your first BarkBox.

YDF student, Titania the Cocker Spaniel, would like to tell you a little about what she received in her BarkBox this month (with a little help from her Mom):

The Box for September 2013


Titania says: So many smells when Mama opened the box this month! I smelled cheese and deer and beef. No duck though. There was duck last month and it was soooooo good.

Mom says: I love BarkBox’s presentation. The wrapping paper folds over the goodies so it’s like opening a present every month! There’s also a card that tells you a bit about each product along with a link to the vendor’s website in case your dog falls in love with something and you need more.


Two Chews

Mom says: This month we got two stick-shaped chews. The first was a beef tendon from Barkworthies. These contain joint-friendly nutrients and are 100% natural and digestible. The second was a deer stick, which contains venison and a bit of rawhide for the crunch factor.

Titania says: On first sniff, I chose the beef tendon. I love bully sticks and this smelled a lot like one of those. It was very chewy so I had a lot of time to savor the delicious flavors. The deer stick was good, too, but more of a three bites and I’m still hungry kind of thing.


First Aid Liquid Bandage

Mom says: This is an alcohol-free spray that serves as a liquid bandage for any cuts and scrapes a dog may get while out and about. It disinfects and protects and is a good bandaid option for small injuries that don’t need a vet’s attention. We’re throwing this in our agility trial bag!

Titania says: I can’t eat this. Why is this in my box?



Pizza Biscuits

Mom says: These smell so good that I want to snack on them! 100% USDA organic ingredients and no wheat, corn, or soy. In essence, they’re a small cheesy biscuit with Italian seasonings.

Titania says: YUM! Cheesy biscuits are the best, even if they don’t have any meat in them. I like to take my cheesy biscuit, throw it across the room, and then pounce on it! Then I bite it in half and toss around the pieces. When I’m done, it’s time for eating them.



Venison Chew (aka Deer Ear)

Mom says: I have a feeling Titania may be much more interested in the deer out behind our fence now that she’s had a taste for their ears. Superior Farms products are free of chemicals: they’re washed, rinsed, and dried — that’s it!

Titania says: Deer ear was also tasty! They’re a little smaller than the pig ears Mama buys at the farmers market, so they’re easier to eat. Of course, they don’t taste like bacon… but deer is pretty tasty.



Treat Ball

Mom says: Titania loves treat balls. As a fearful dog, they were invaluable in teaching her that good stuff can come out of “scary” new things. They’re also handy for keeping her busy if I need a little time to get things done. This particular ball has an adjustable opening so you can make the difficulty level harder as your dog gets better at using it.

Titania says: I roll around the ball with my foot or my nose and it drops out kibbles! Check out my video below.


Treat Ball Video

Here’s a quick video I shot with my cell phone of Titania trying out her new treat ball for the first time. Notice that at first, she’s unsure of what to do with it… but once she notices that it pays in treats, she’s on board!

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