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Why is Your Dog “Bad” if He Acts Like a Human?

While we would all love to have the “perfect” dog who is obedient, loving of all humans and other animals, and suitable to bring everywhere we go… the reality is that, like humans, dogs aren’t perfect. And when we hold them to “perfect dog” standards, we are expecting them to act better than we do. […]

Why Is My Dog’s Recall Perfect for “Treats!” but not for “Come!”?

Your dog is in your backyard being a typical dog: running around, chasing squirrels, sniffing the fence line, rolling in “good” scents, all that fun stuff that dogs love to do. But you have to leave for work and Fido needs to come inside. “Fido, come!” (Nothing happens.) “Fido, COME!” (Nothing happens.) “FI-DO. COME. NOW!” […]

How Do I Get My Dog to Stop…?

We often get emails and phone calls with questions that start: How do I get my dog to stop (jumping, nipping, counter surfing, pulling on leash)? The answer is pretty easy.

VIDEO: What You Can Learn in Dog Tricks Class

Lisa’s Dog Tricks class just finished up their 3rd class, so we thought we’d show off a bit of what they’ve learned. Check out these super duper pups: Bodhi the collie, Beryl the lab, Syrio the cocker spaniel, and Xander the beagle mix. Other tricks (beyond the video!) the class has worked on so far: […]

79 Cents for High Value Dog Treats from Safeway

Why spend $9.99 for a bag of made in the USA dog treats when you can get better ones for less than $2? Here’s our secret to getting high value treats without spending more than a couple Washingtons.