Does Your Dog Bark & Lunge At Other Dogs?

You’re trying to exercise your dog, but it’s stressful because every time another dog appears, your dog goes nuts. Barking like mad. Lunging. Growling. You’re holding on for dear life, trying to pull your dog away while shouting apologies at the other dog’s human. Your worst nightmare is meeting up with an off-leash dog when you’re on a walk. In fact, you’ve given consideration to not walking at all because it’s just so difficult to control your dog.

You’re not alone.

What you have is a reactive dog. What we have is an expert trainer and a team of dedicated training assistants. Our job is to take your dog from barking and lunging at the sight of another pooch to calmly looking back at you. It’s an intensive class, but it delivers results (assuming you hold up your end of the leash/bargain)!

The Proof is in the Picture!

Reactive Dog Latte on the last day of class, not barking or lunging!

Now THAT’s what we call awesome! Congrats to Latte and all of the newest Reactive Dog Class graduates, both human and canine.

Here’s what Latte’s Mom Says…

When we adopted our dog Latte a year and a half ago, we struggled through many “solutions” for his dog reactivity and had become very frustrated with our walks being all about controlling his reactive state when spotting dogs around. What finally worked for us was the positive reinforcement method taught by Michelle Mange in her reactive dog class. Latte is soooo much better on the walk these days – we can go a couple weeks now without any real incident! Sure, there are still bad days or surprises, but we (both dog and human!) are finally able to enjoy the walks more. Michelle gives great instructions, including seemingly small adjustments that go a long way in making the walks more positive. Each person gets their own personal coach to assist and provide feedback. In our case, our coach also owned two herding dogs so she understood our dog well and showed my husband and I many ways to improve our general training technique. Since we started this method, we’ve gotten a lot of compliments on Latte because he is so focused on us when being trained. Thanks Michelle and gang!

Four Spots Left in the Next Reactive Dog Class

Our next session of Reactive Dog Class begins on Wednesday, July 31st at 8:10 pm. It is an 8-week class that will give you and your dog the tools to go out and about without the stress you’re experiencing now. You may not have a dog that likes other dogs, but by the end of the class, you should have a dog that looks to you for guidance rather than taking the situation into his own paws. Sign up today or contact us if you have questions.