Help! My Dog Is Scared of Thunderstorms!


Lawrence, an alumnus of OBG Cocker Rescue, is really scared of thunder.

In our recent newsletter, we gave some tips on helping your dog through a thunderstorm. (Not subscribed? You’re missing out on great stuff. Sign up, won’t you?)

  •  If a thunderstorm is predicted and you are home, use ace bandages as a wrap (used in TTouch), a Thundershirt, or an Anxiety Wrap before the storm. Whatever you use, remember to let your dog wear it randomly, not just when the thunderstorm or other “fearful” event is taking place. Otherwise, they will come to mean that something bad is about to happen. You can find more information on Thundershirt or Anxiety Wrap‘s websites, or order a Thundershirt and free face wrap at Dog Kingdom Pet Supply.
  • Rub your dog down with a dryer sheet (e.g., Bounce) to help with the static in the air before the time the storm is expected.  Your dog may be noticing the barometric pressure dropping or the static in the air.
  • Some dogs want to wait out the storm in a bathroom because the metal pipes are grounded.
  • For those dogs who are bothered mostly by the noise, you can try playing music (classical, not rock), since you can control the volume.  Or there is a CD that has been created specifically to help calm dogs.  You can order it from Through a Dog’s Ear.
  • If you try counter-conditioning and de-sensitization, as described in the article below, you can order tapes through either Legacy Canine or Scared No More.

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