Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers: Fun Dog Puzzles

Photo by svadilfari on Flickr

Looking for a gift for a dog parent in your life? Or maybe some stocking stuffers for your own special pup? Here are some of Your Dog’s Friend’s favorite things…

Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzles


Earlier this week, we mentioned how much fun Kong (and other treat toys) can be for your dog… and how they can help give a dog a job so they’re less likely to engage in behaviors you don’t like. Another fun and useful option for the smarty dog is the puzzle toy.

Treat balls are easy; roll the ball and treats come out. Treat puzzles are harder since your dog has to manipulate the various pieces of the puzzle to find the treats. They’re a great choice for a dog that can empty a treat ball in record time.

Nina Ottosson puzzles are the best! We sell several of them at the training center, so if you’d like to buy one from us directly, please let us know.

What is it?

An interactive toy that lets your dog use his nose, paws, and mouth to solve a puzzle and get treats!

How much does it cost?

$12+, depending on the size and materials


Other Puzzles

If you’re looking for other dog puzzles to amuse and tire out your pup, they come in all sizes, shapes, and difficulty levels.

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