Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers: Kong (and Other Treat Toys)

Photo by svadilfari on Flickr

Looking for a gift for a dog parent in your life? Or maybe some stocking stuffers for your own special pup? Here are some of Your Dog’s Friend’s favorite things…


A busy dog is a happy dog! And a busy, happy dog is less likely to chew on shoes, go counter-surfing, or any number of no-no behaviors. Today, we feature our favorite way to keep a dog busy and happy.

What is it?

The best way to keep a dog busy for… minutes to hours, depending on how hard you stuff it!

How much does it cost?

$5-12, depending on the size

What do I stuff in a Kong?

Anything and everything! Here are some of our dogs’ favorites:

  • Wet dog food & kibble mixture
  • Leftover people food (mashed potatoes, low-fat cuts of meat, vegetables, a bit of cheese)
  • Canned pumpkin (this works best if you freeze the pumpkin-filled Kong overnight)
  • Peanut butter (a little bit mixed in with other ingredients)
  • Cheese (a  little bit mixed in with other ingredients)
  • Fat-free plain  yogurt or fat-free cream cheese (another one that is good for freezing)


Other Stuffables

If you’re looking for other treat-dispensing toys to amuse and tire out your pup, they come in all sizes, shapes, and difficulty levels.

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Holiday Gift Guide photo credit: Svadilfari on Flickr