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Agility: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

In-person Agility

Dog Agility is a fast-paced, team sport in which you direct your dog through a course of tunnels, jumps and other obstacles, striving for both speed and accuracy.  Agility is a great way to practice working as a team with your pup and to further develop your relationship.

We offer three different ability levels for Agility, so that you and your dog can master basic skills before moving on to more advanced techniques.  You will be able to progress to the next level when you and your dog have become proficient in most aspects of the current level, as determined by your instructor.  Please note that this may involve staying at the same level through several class cycles.

Classes are 6 weeks in length, and are as follows, in order of progression:

  • Beginner Agility
  • Intermediate Agility
  • Advanced Agility

About these Classes:

**Agility classes are not appropriate for dogs that are reactive to other dogs/ people**

This class introduces you and your dog to agility equipment and handling techniques. Whether or not you plan to advance to different levels of Agility, you and your dog will develop teamwork as you practice running recalls, contact work on flat boards, targeting, ladder exercises, balance exercises, tunnel work, and low jumps.

Prerequisite: Your Dog’s Friend Basic Manners, Adolescent, or Puppy Kindergarten class, or with instructor’s permission

During this class, you and your dog will learn to navigate a full agility course, using the foundation skills you gained in Beginner Agility.  You will learn handling skills to direct your pup through increasingly challenging obstacles such as jumps and tunnels, as well as how to safely use contact equipment, such as a dog walk and A-frame.

Prerequisite: Beginner Agility and instructor’s permission

In this class, you and your dog will have fun working as a team on more challenging courses, as you continue to build proficiency with your handling skills.  You will do more work on the dog walk and A-frame, and begin working on more advanced techniques involving the teeter and weaves.

Prerequisite: Intermediate Agility and instructor’s permission


  • Susan Sanderson
  • E Foley (Foley’s Dog Training)

Fee: $200, six sessions, 60 minutes each

Upcoming Classes

When new classes are scheduled, students will receive a link to register. If you took Agility somewhere else, go to Contact Us and email the appropriate instructor (listed above).


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