Reactive Dog

For dogs who lunge and bark, especially while on leash

Many of us get stressed when our dogs lunge, bark, growl, or “overreact” to dogs, people, or environmental triggers. Even if we know this behavior can be caused by big emotions, it can be hard for both us and our dogs.

In our Reactive Dog classes, we explore the reasons behind these behaviors and teach you how to work with your dog when she reacts out of fear, anxiety, or excitement. Our trainers provide practical strategies to help you manage your dog’s day-to-day interactions, with the longer-term goal of reducing her overall reactivity. Learn leash handling skills for dog walking in the real world, techniques for keeping your dog’s attention, and ways to help your dog stay calm in challenging situations.

We offer two options for Reactive Dog:

  • Live, online via Zoom
  • In-person (Level 1 and 2)

Live, Online (via Zoom)

Appropriate for dogs who:

  • React to other dogs
  • React to people
  • React to environmental triggers, such as cars, trucks, or bikes
  • Are too fearful or overwhelmed to take an in-person class
  • Live too far away from our training center (you can join from anywhere!)

Our instructors use live demos, pre-recorded videos, and interactive discussions. Your dog will not participate live, but you will be encouraged to practice with your dogs in between classes. Registration includes access to a Facebook group for instructors, and current and former students, to share information and provide support.

Age range: 6 months and older

Prerequisites: None

Class length: 6 consecutive weeks (not including holidays). 75 minutes each. Make-up classes are not possible.

Fee: $200


  • Sarah Stoycos (Laughing Dog Academy) and Marnie Montgomery (Joyful Dog)

In-person (Level 1 and 2)

  • For dogs who react to other dogs
  • Helpful for those who have already taken the live, online class
  • Not appropriate for dogs who display reactivity to humans

Develop strategies for helping your pup stay calm, while also making more positive associations around other dogs. Practice skills at a distance and level that set you and your dog up for success.

Age range: 6 months and older

Level 1

Prerequisites: None

Class length: 6 consecutive weeks (not including holidays). 60 minutes each. Make-up classes are not possible.

Fee: $300

Level 2

Prerequisites: Reactive Dog, Level 1

Class length: 4 consecutive weeks (not including holidays). 45 minutes each. Make-up classes are not possible.

Fee: $180


  • Jackie Moyano (Behavior United)
  • Robin Shepherd (Infinite Dog)

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Class fees help support the free programs and services provided by Your Dog’s Friend, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and supporting dog parents.


More Help for Your Reactive Dog

Check out further information on reactivity in Behavior Issues, and on our YouTube channel. If you need a private trainer or veterinary behaviorist our list is a great resource.

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