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Is Your Dog Like the One from the Movie Up? (SQUIRREL!)


We all got a kick out of the “talking” dog in the Pixar movie, Up. He’d be doing one thing and suddenly…


…he’d be distracted and totally focused on the potential squirrel.

If this sounds a bit like your dog, we have a class that is perfect for you. Formerly known as “Control & Focus,” the class is now entitled Distracted Dog Class.

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Overcoming Your Dog’s Distractions

distractionsYour dog may perform actions like Sit, Down, or Shake at home or at your training school, but does his ability to do those things go out the window when you’re outside?

Distractions come in many forms. They are most difficult to overcome when they occur in clusters. Rarely is your dog faced with one distraction at a time.

In this article from our Newsletter Archives, read about the dozens of distractions your dog faces when you are out in public.

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Related Classes at Your Dog’s Friend

If your dog could use some practice working with distractions, we have several classes that are helpful.

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