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VIDEO: What You Can Learn in Dog Tricks Class

Lisa’s Dog Tricks class just finished up their 3rd class, so we thought we’d show off a bit of what they’ve learned.

Check out these super duper pups: Bodhi the collie, Beryl the lab, Syrio the cocker spaniel, and Xander the beagle mix.

Other tricks (beyond the video!) the class has worked on so far:

  • Rest head on human’s hand
  • Nod for “Yes”
  • Shake head for “No”
  • Back up
  • Paw target, used for things like:
    • Pressing an Easy Button (they sell fun ones that say Yes/No/Maybe/Sorry)
    • Playing the piano
    • (and about a million other tricks!)

If you’re interested in signing up for Dog Tricks the next time it’s offered, you can learn more about the class and put your email on the wait list by going to the class page. (Waitlist is at the very bottom.) Have a young human (ages 9-13) that wants to learn how to teach tricks? Our kids’ instructor, Hedda, offers a Kids & Dogs: Tricks class.

We look forward to seeing you in class!