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What Is TTouch & How Can It Help My Dog?

ttouch large

Join us this Saturday for a one-session class where you can learn the basics of TTouch. Fearful & reactive dogs are welcome! (You and your dog can be behind a privacy screen so they aren’t overwhelmed or distracted.)

TTouch involves gentle body work, movement exercises, and body wraps. Through these techniques you can relax the mind of an anxious, fearful, or reactive dog and ease the aches and pains of a senior dog.  (These techniques also work for your feline friends!)

While there are TTouch practicioners that you can hire to work on your animal — much like we humans go to a massage therapist to loosen up! — coming to a TTouch class allows you to learn the techniques yourself so you can work with your dog anytime.

One of the neat things about TTouch is that it helps the dog’s mind come back to center and focus in the moment. Want a practical example of TTouch’s effects? It’s especially useful for dogs who get car sick. The non-driving human sits with the dog and uses TTouch to keep the dog focused on the touches, rather than the nauseating motion of the vehicle. Pretty cool, right?

Here’s a video from Tellington TTouch with an overview of TTouch:

Sign up for Saturday’s class while there’s still room!